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Develop clearer pronunciation, increased vocabulary, correct word usage, and better reading and writing skills

Learn to successfully communicate in every aspect of your personal and professional life

Experience a greater ease and fluency in your speech

Feel more confident and assured of reaching your goals

Reduce your non-native or regional accent for better understanding and clarity




  Our instructors are licensed speech pathologists trained as teachers of English as a  Second Language. (ESL)


NEW !  On Line Classes Offered

Receive one-on-one instruction in the privacy of your home
Free video-conferencing software available from
Skype™ allows you to participate in personalized classes from anywhere in the world.
Instruction is with an American English teacher and speech pathologist with years of experience teaching English Skills and Accent Reduction

    The only equipment you need is a web cam for your computer and free access to Skype™

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Susan J. Dudley, MA, CCC, SLP - Founder of AdvanceWithEnglish.com